Colabo is trusted by top sales leaders to drive company growth and execute modern sales initiatives including, social selling and account-based sales.

EarlySense Uses Colabo to Speed Up Sales Cycle By 70% And Increase First Meetings by 450%.
In search for a tool that would automate their manual work, EarlySense was excited to discover Colabo. The SDRs at EarlySense, who generate the bulk of their leads from LinkedIn, use the Colabo Clipper to clip...

Stratogent Accomplishes x10 Response Rate and 350% Increase In First Meetings By Using Colabo
Stratogent’s Sales Director came across Colabo and learned how Colabo can help increase and automate engagement efforts. The SDRs at Stratogent no longer rely just on email and phone to initiate contact...

Colabo is a platform for enterprise sales teams. It was created for the social selling era, with features that allow your team to reach leads with the right message at the right time.

You require more from your sales team. Colabo drives revenue-growth through increasing your team’s productivity, automating tasks, scaling engagements, and providing actionable data.