Colabo is trusted by top sales organizations to increase sales productivity and assure real-time, accurate sales information.

EarlySense Uses Colabo to increase Productivity by freeing over 10 hours a week of manual non-sales work per person.
In search for a tool that would automate their manual work, EarlySense was excited to discover Colabo. The Sales team at EarlySense, who target major hospitals, use Colabo to analyze multiple sales tools...

Stratogent Accomplishes x10 Account penetration by using Colabo
Stratogent’s Sales Director was reaching only 1 out of 10 accounts assigned to him. Then he discovered Colabo and learned how Colabo can automate a workflow that cleans and fills in the necessary information about accounts and contacts inside the CRM..

Colabo is built for enterprise sales teams. It was created for the Digital Sales era where each sales person uses too many sales tools to remember what's what. Colabo sits quietly, learns the different tools users are using, and then always shows the right information at the right time along with recommendations for actions.

Use the information and insights gathered by Colabo to understand what your team is doing, what is working with your customers and how to improve your group's results.