Transport Sales to The Social Age

Untangle your sales tool spaghetti

Customer information is always fresh in CRM

Sales workflows to engage customers on social and traditional channels

Modern Sales Workflows

Colabo transforms your tool spaghetti into a modern B2B sales stack. Your CRM, analytics, engagement tools and customer data sources all align to guide your accounts from initial engagement to happy renewals. Your customers’ journey is no longer simple and linear like it used to be.

CRM information that’s always accurate

Your CRM is the heart of your sales organization. Without accurate customer information You can’t forecast, handle turnover or apply smart predictive analytics. Colabo updates the data you need to function and grow in real-time from across all relevant people and sources.

B2B sales meets personal social services

Your sales people are prospecting, connecting and engaging using social services. All that is happening via their personal profiles and completely detached from any central corporate owned repository or management system. Colabo automatically imports the contacts, accounts and activities to bridge this gap.

Prospect Clips

One Click prospecting from web sources such as Twitter, LinkedIn, meetup and more!

Email Enrichment

Full enrichment including phone, email and updated profiles.

360° View

Complete lead and company profiles using various web sources.

Lead Engagements

Auto engage with smart templates on LinkedIn, Twitter and more.

Sync Data With Your CRM

Live CRM updates when changes existing leads and contacts change titles, move companies and more.

Activities Tracking

Finally have messages sent via web updated as activities in CRM.





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