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Colabo is a next-generation sales automation platform that provides increased functionality, productivity, and visibility for sales and marketing. Colabo sits on top of your existing CRM, allowing your team to harness powerful engagement channels like LinkedIn, Xing, Twitter & Meetup for prospecting, engaging, and tracking new leads.

Colabo allows users to create custom messages and campaign flows that achieve increased response rates. These activities are then tracked and synced with their CRM providing actionable data for managers. With Colabo teams can eliminate manual tasks and embrace automated workflows that lower sales costs and drive growth.

Colabo gives teams access to live accurate data and the ability to intelligently engage with prospects through modern channels.

Yoav Dembak | Co-Founder & CEO
Yoav is in charge of marketing and product at Colabo. Prior to Colabo, Yoav was an executive at VMware in charge of Product Marketing for the data center management product suite. Yoav was the CEO of B-hive prior to its acquisition by VMWare. Prior to that, he held various marketing and sales roles at Breach Security, Gilian Technologies and Gilat Satellite Networks. He graduated from Tel Aviv University with a BA in Computer Science and Business Management. During his military service at the IDF, Yoav was a paratrooper and K9 operator at a special anti-terror unit. Yoav is a long-time skateboarder- a sport he is passionate about as a lifestyle, culture and industry.

Asaf Wexler | Co-Founder & CTO
Asaf Wexler is in charge of development, engineering and technology at Colabo. Prior to Colabo, Asaf was an executive at VMware and founded VMware’s VC Ops product line. Asaf was Co-Founder and CTO at B-hive, and prior to founding B-hive, Asaf worked at Breach Security and Gilian Technologies in various R&D roles. Asaf started his technology career in the IDF’s elite intelligence technology unit where he served as a Captain. He graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Computer Science and Psychology. Asaf is also involved in multiple activities that aim to make technology approachable to children.

Naama Halperin | Co-Founder & COO
Naama is responsible for sales, support and operations at Colabo. Prior to Colabo, Naama was the R&D Site Director at VMware. Naama served as the COO at B-hive prior to its acquisition by VMware and previously held a variety of operational roles at Breach Security and Gilian Technologies along with her Colabo Co-Founders.

Ohad Finkelstein | Board Member
Ohad is currently a Partner at Marker, a Venture Capital firm based in Herzliya. Before Marker, he was a partner at Venrock where he oversaw international investing. Ohad served as Chairman and CEO of the Pan European Interoute Communications Group, and held management positions at companies including VocalTec Communications and Packard Bell Electronics. Ohad holds a degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ray Rothrock | Board Member
Ray is CEO of RedSeal Inc, and previously a partner at Venrock where he invested in technology startups including, Area! & Planet Labs. He spent 4 years at Sun Microsystems as Director CAD/CAM Marketing and holds degrees from Harvard, MIT, and Texas A&M.

Benny Schnaider | Board Member
Benny is a Venture Partner at StageOne Ventures and founder of multiple companies including Ravello Systems (Acquired by Oracle, 2016), Qumranet (Acquired by Red Hat, 2008), P­Cube (Acquired by Cisco, 2004), Pentacom (Acquired by Cisco, 2000), and V­CPU (Acquired by SimTech, 1996). He is also an investor in multiple startups including B­Hive Networks and holds degrees from Santa Clara University and Technion.
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