Digital Companion for Sales Associates

Deliver a personalized experience in human interactions

Digital commerce is changing consumer behavior, so you have to make sure your retail associates are not left behind delivering the same old anonymized and uninformed customer experience. Colabo’s Associate Companion is a mobile solution that assures your associates know everything they need in order to provide the best experience for the customers they are facing. From Information about the customer such as purchase history, household information and color preference to automated product recommendations.

Personalized experience in
human interactions

With Colabo's Companion, an associate can easily access a customer’s profile, which includes previous offline and online journeys, activity, social engagement, and data provided by the customer.
A machine learning Personalization Engine Leverages the data by displaying tailored recommendation and suggestions to be used by the associate.

Personalized experience in human interactions
Every associate is an expert on an infinite product catalog

Even the most dedicated associate might struggle to keep up with the abundance of products, their increasing sophistication and features.
The sales companion presents product information, relevant comparisons and suggests bundle items. The associate can answer the customer’s needs with accuracy and confidence - whether they’re looking for a smart TV or the best value party hats.

Every associate is an expert on an infinite product catalog
No sales opportunity is left behind

Today’s consumers like the hassle-free and short execution time of online purchases.
With the Sales companion, each purchase can be completed on the spot while speaking to an associate.
Further handling such as delivery services, locating items and schedule installations with an expert are done at ease from the same intuitive interface by tying to existing in-store and online tools.

No sales opportunity is left behind