Enterprise Ready

Colabo’s platform is built for stability, security and functionality. Colabo can be quickly deployed across multiple teams in your organization making roll out fast and onboarding even faster.

EarlySense Uses Colabo to Speed Up Sales Cycle By 70% And Increase First Meetings by 450%
Stratogent Accomplishes x10 Response Rate and 350% Increase In First Meetings By Using Colabo

Next-Generation Sales Development and Acceleration

The modern sales team depends on more than just dial and smile techniques to find and close opportunities. They are deploying social selling strategies, automated campaigns, email optimization techniques, and advanced reporting. Colabo packages all of the functionality enterprise sales teams need into one platform, allowing your team to reach prospects with the right message at the right time.

CRM Compatible

Colabo integrates seamlessly with all enterprise CRMs including, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle Sales Cloud CRM, and SAP CRM.

With Colabo all interaction and activity data is synced into your CRM ensuring that every interaction is recorded. This allows for smooth account hand-offs, increased rep productivity, and high visibility into sales cycles.

Sales Stack Simplification

Modern sales stacks are comprised of multiple third-party tools that were not designed to work together. These stacks are costly, difficult to scale, have overlapping features, and limit visibility. Colabo takes all the features your team needs and compiles them into a simplified platform. With Colabo, the average sales team is able to drastically simplify their sales stack. Colabo features include:

  • CRM Syncing & Updating.
  • Multi-Channel Engagement.
  • Automated Campaigns & Workflows.
  • Templeted Emails & Email Tracking.
  • LinkedIn & Xing Lead Clipping.
  • Social Activity & Interaction Tracking.